Meditation is a way a way of finding relaxation and in process helping you to become peaceful, more focused and release stress. Many people nowadays have become conscious about their health and their wellbeing. The exercise and meditation combined gives people a feeling of release and happiness with satisfaction, it is known to increase the morale and boots the confidence of the person who practices it. This article provide the steps that the beginners can follow;

1. Sit for a while Meditation For Beginners

It may seem unrealistic to meditate only for two minutes in a day and some people may say that it may not help. However, when beginning your meditation do not seek for number of hours but rather the start of a long journey. After a week’s keep adding hours after each day until you attain the appropriate number of hours that is recommended per day.

2. Start meditation early in the day

When you wake up let the meditation be the first thing that you will do. Make it a culture and ensure you keep the routine daily since consistency and discipline are the key principles of meditations.

3. Do not worry about the location

Most people think that meditation should happen in certain environment or setting. This is totally wrong since anyone can mediate wherever you and you can meditate in where you feel it is comfortable. Be it with a blanket, pillow, mattress or a carpet.

4. Check the feelings

While meditating ensures that you evaluate your emotions. Sometime you may feel sad, anxious or tired, while tired there is no need of meditating. Just ensure that you are in the right relaxed mind. When you are feeling sad and it seems that there no other way of doing things, the mind may help in the problem if you evaluate your feelings.

5. Count the breaths

After settling and starting your meditation ensures that you breathe hard and release the hair from your lungs. When breathing count the breathing and ensure that they are even and calculation may help determine the breathing pattern.

6. Mind FocusMeditation for beginners

When you feel that you mind is starting to wonder, ensure that breathing is a way of calming your mind. The breathing lowers the stress and makes your mind concentrate. Concentration is important to bring your body and mind in sync. A meditation is always about the power of someone’s mind. Mind is the centre stage of the body and without it there is no contribution to the process. Ensure that the mind is clear and problems that we have has been re-directed.

7. Create a loving attitude

While in meditation and you notice that you are starting to think about sad or good things take them as they come. See the people as your friends and not enemies. See them also as people who are there to make life simple for you or to hep you achieve your goals.

8. Do not bother about doing it right

Meditation does not fixed way of doing it and in fact it is evolving most of the time. Do your meditation they way you feel is good and there is also need for them to start selling this books.

9. What is arising in our mind?

While meditation do not try to do not fight the thoughts that you having, thoughts will disappear in time after we have done what we are doing keep your moods happy and the notes should be complete.  There is no way to stop thought but you can be thinking of something happy while meditating.

10. Know yourself

While meditating focus your concentration in knowing who you are, what is going around your environment and even inside your body. Try to balance the good and bad and not to let your mind carry only the negative things only which may derail your meditation power. You Knowing your weakness and strengths enables you to plan for future and ensure that everything goes as you may have planned.

11. Befriend yourself

While meditating and getting to know yourself ensure that you only think of good things but ensure that you are always thinking yourself as someone who has high attitude and self esteem.  Sing praises to yourself and also ensure that whenever you do something good smile and encourage yourself. Create a inner peace and not conflict between yourself so that you are not discouraged but ready to work

12. Scan your bodymeditation for beginners

After finding the balance between the mind and the body, start scanning your body, first start with your fit soles, the ankles, even shoulders and the head. This will enable you understand your body and how to manage it

13. Commitment

Meditation requires a lot of commitment and discipline and there is need for the meditator to use the laid down procedures. Before you start meditation ensure that every plan has been down. This will ensure that employees are in good shape to teach.

14. Follow the set guideline

The meditation guideline is the way we should have been destroying the materials. The class should be committed and ready to learn.

15. Be grateful of the time

In most cases the meditator finished their meditation and change and go home, however there is need to be grateful for each opportunity that you get.


Meditation makes you strong and resilient to various problems that were facing.  Meditating regularly ensure that you are able to capable of remaining healthy physical and emotionally. Things like stress can also arise due to workplace challenges that can be alleviated or share for discussion.  When you are new in meditation there is need for you to have clear expectation, plans and goals. There are several steps that beginners of meditation can follow to achieve the best meditation practices. Start simply and as time moves on you need to expand your meditation and especially related to the mind of a human being. Do not give up your meditation process even though you are feeling exhausted from every workout.