I can remember the first time that I was thought how to meditate effectively by my yoga instructor, the feeling of inner peace and joy that I felt that moment made me to keep on practicing meditation at least 5 times per week and sometimes even more. Meditation is a very good exercise, it is necessary not only for your spiritual wellbeing but also for your overall health. However, in order to reap the full benefits of meditation, you need to practice it the correct way. This article practically gives you the basic tips on ways you can practice on how to meditate and make meditating very easy and exciting anywhere and anytime.



You need a calm and peaceful environment for easy meditation. This will uninterruptly enable you to fully focus on the particular task you wish to meditate on. You must try as much as you can to avoid all forms of external distraction. If you choose to play music while meditating, you must choose a very calm music with repetitive and gentle tune. Instances of places you can choose for proper meditation are; gardens, lush grass fields with shed or under a tree with flourished branches, etc.


  • Put On Comfortable Wears

The cloth you put on while meditating determines how relaxed you will be. Do not put on tight wears but if you are at work or at a place you cannot conveniently change your outfit, try loosing the tight parts of your wears like belt, shoes, jacket, and the button of your blouse or shirt and so on to be as free and comfortable as possible.


  • Stretch Out Your Body

You will have to sit at a spot for a considerable period of time to meditate. So it is necessary you stretch out your body parts such as neck, legs, hands, shoulders and twisting of your waist especially if you have been sitting for a very long time for going to meditate. You need to relax your body muscles with the stretch to prepare your body, mind and soul for proper meditation.


  • Take A Comfortable Position

Your meditation posture is very important at this point because it is important that you are comfortable while meditating because the more comfortable you are the more relaxed and calm your body and mind will be. So try choosing a position that can take you as long as you wish to stay.


  • Decide The Duration Of Your Meditation

Set your mind on the period of time you will wish to meditate. If you have decided on the period and time it is necessary you make it steady and stick to same time every day. Consider your daily schedules and be sure to choose a time that will not shake or crash with your routines.


  • Have Your Eyes Closed

It is best you close your eyes to meditate especially for starters. You may get distracted with the pictures or images around or by other external factors. But if you must keep your eyes open to avoid dozing, you must have to keep them soft too and try not to focus them on any particular thing. In as much as you are relaxed and have your eyes closed or soft you must also be at alert.


  • Breathing Meditation

Concentrate on the rising and falling of your breath. Do not try to change the pattern of your breathe; just allow it to flow normal. Note that the aim is to have a relaxed mind for effective meditation not to be conscious of how you breathe.


  • Free Your Mind

You must clear your mind completely from any thoughts that may take your mind off the point of focus. For beginners who may find it not easy to clear their mind completely, it advised you have it focused on a thing such as a mantra or visualizing.


  • Mantra Meditation

You can take a mantra style of meditation. This involves repetition of phrase, slogan or word to assist concentration during meditation. You can choose anything as your mantra as long you are fluent it and you can stop the mantra if you have reached the required level of consciousness. It is one of the common ways of meditating.


  • Visualization

Reflect on your individual personality and allow yourself to explore your environment. Feel the breeze around if you are in an open place. You can visualize places that are calm, beautiful and comforting. Note that what you visualize must not be real, you can work on imaginations. If you are the type that does open eye meditation, you can use a simple visual picture to focus your gaze on which is easier for starters.


  • Walking Meditation

This is an alternative and most common way of meditating. Take a repetitive step maybe front and then back just like the mantra or take a simple walking exercise. Try observing your walking steps, the movement of your body without losing concentration.


Meditation is exciting and very good to practice daily. There are no limits to when you practice as long as you have the moment or create the time. If you become use to meditating try to keep fit as well by eating well, taking enough rest or sleep, body exercise and so on. Also avoid having memorable, entertaining or exciting moments before meditation. These events can cause a huge distraction which is unfavorable for a successful meditation. Do not be discouraged on the feeling that it is not working, a successful meditation requires time, hard work and consistency for the end justifies the means.