Yoga Bikram: Feel the Burn

To most skeptics, the practice of yoga seems to just be a series of stretching. But to yoga aficionados, it is more then just stretching- it is about connecting your body, mind and spirit to go towards a common goal of inner peace as well as physical fitness. Yoga bikram is one type of yoga practice that is said to produce such results.

For those of you who want to know about this practice, here is some background on yoga bikram:


Yoga bikram, founded by Bikram Choudhury, a yoga teacher is a particular type of yoga that is practiced with over 26 different positions and in 90-100 degree heated room. The result of this practice is increased flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, muscle tone as well as mental relaxation and stamina. Bikram started this practice as a result of a knee injury, in which he practiced this type of yoga daily, and his knee injury eventually healed.

Each yoga bikram class begins with a warm up of standing positions, then forward and backwards bends, then what is known as the breath of fire which is the practice of yoga bikram in a heated room. The heated room is supposed to warm up the muscles, making them more flexible. The heat creates sweating, which can help prevent injury as well as release the toxins inside of your body. Each of the 26 different poses are said to strengthen the joints, ligaments, muscles and internal organs.


The effects of yoga bikram are both short and long term. Yoga bikram helps increase the blood circulation, cleanses your body of toxins and can help you lose weight and develop muscle tone as well. In releasing toxins from your body, this practice can also help to relieve stress and help you find your center.

Yoga bikram is also beneficial for people with diabetes, arthritis and other such ailments, as it reduces symptoms and can also help in preventing symptoms from reappearing.

Contrary to popular opinion, yoga bikram is much more than just stretching. Countless of followers, including Hollywood actors and professional athletes look to this type of practice to keep their bodies in shape and promote overall wellbeing. Consider taking a class in yoga bikram if you are feeling out of shape, or just out of tune with your mind and body. It will more than likely to help you in more ways than one.

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“Here the yoga exercise equipment will actually be a top and shorts and in some cases cotton socks.”