Guide To Yoga Pilates

Exercise and healthy eating; we all have heard that before at least once and we all also know that, this is the only way to keep both your body and mind fit. While some of us go to the gym, others prefer to run and practice weight free exercise; any form of exercise is good if it agrees with your lifestyle and body needs.



Yoga is a unique exercise of the mind through which one practices to control the body and its senses; holy men created this exercise in ancient India who renounced the world and dedicated themselves to worship God. These men took to meditation for long periods of time during which they were sat in a yoga pose without movement; in order to still have function of their muscles they worked out exercises during these long meditation hours through their mind.


Pilates is similar to yoga in the sense that it does not require any weights for a good workout; pilates works with your inner power and concentration to tone your body and mind.

Yoga Pilates

Combining the two exercises, one can only achieve great results as they intermix on many levels. The benefits of yoga pilates are:

* Relaxation of the body and mind through meditation
* Loosing undesired weight and maintaining ones weight
* Working with your body to tone your muscles and relax your mind
* Great concentration power

Yoga pilates is not something you will want to try by yourself if you are going to practice for the first time; instructors are a great help especially in the beginning when you are learning and getting the exercise right. This is the key to understanding it and obtaining the required benefits.

There are several ways to start your yoga pilates training such as:

* Taking a group class this is probably the best choice as you can observe your class mates performance and learn from their mistakes as well as have an instructor to show and help you get the right way to do these exercises.
* Getting a DVD at home this is a good way to learn too even if it will be a bit more difficult then taking a class; you will have to motivate yourself which can be hard to do at times.
* Books it is good to understand the exercise before getting into it; especially yoga, which it may seem easy but in fact, is quiet complex. Books help greatly with giving one the basic understanding.

Whichever way you choose, starting yoga pilates will improve your life visibly right from day one you have everything to gain and nothing to loose. Enjoy great health of both body and mind!

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“A good innovation is showcased in the sticky yoga mat, which sticks to the floor while exercising.”