This is a fast-paced world. Stress is a very common word in such a world. Stress is the cause of many ailments. These ailments can range from physical to mental. A healthy world is one where there is no stress. Such a world is difficult to create. However, we should try to reduce as much stress as possible. There are many ways to reduce stress. We shall concentrate on one such method namely “ Power Yoga.”Power Yoga Healing Powers

What is Yoga?

Everyone has heard the word “Yoga” at some point or the other. Some people think that “Yoga” is some kind of physical exercises. Some people feel that “Yoga” is a spiritual experience. Actually, “Yoga” is a combination of both. In fact, “Yoga” is a way of life.

Derived from the Sanskrit word “YUJ,” Yoga is a union of the soul with the spirit. The soul denotes the individual consciousness. The spirit denotes the universal consciousness. Physical exercises and meditation are a small part of Yoga.

Yoga is a vast science. It has its roots in the ancient Hindu culture. No one actually knows the origins of Yoga. It is in existence right since the inception of Man.

Yoga, A union of body, mind, and spirit

You may have a question to ask. How do you achieve the union between body, mind, and the spirit? There are many ways to do so. The primary way to achieve this union is through meditation. However, you have to prepare your body as well as the mind to be ready for meditation. You can do this by doing building physical and mental strength through exercises known as “asanas.”

Different types of Yoga

There are many types of Yoga. We shall restrict our discussion to “Power Yoga” and the healing power of Yoga.Power Yoga Healing Powers

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fitness-based practice. It is a derivative of the “Ashtanga Yoga.” It comprises the same qualities and benefits of the Ashtanga Yoga. This includes building internal body heat, increasing stamina, and strength. This type of Yoga induces an element of flexibility and is a stress buster. The founder of the original Power Yoga is Beryl Bender Birch.

Power Yoga lays great stress on physical fitness. This includes perfecting lot of poses for building up the strength of the body and increasing stamina. By doing these exercises regularly, our body becomes flexible. This makes the mind strong to cope up with the stress.

Benefits of Yoga:

The benefits of Yoga are manifold. Yoga can heal a variety of physical and mental ailments. You should learn to perfect these asanas from a qualified yoga teacher. Every asana has a therapeutic effect of specific parts of the body. It may seem difficult initially. However, as you get deeper into the Yoga tradition, you will understand its benefits greatly.

Yoga takes into account the physical as well as the mental factor. A combination of both these factors makes you one with the spirit. This is the spiritual angle to the entire Yogic science. You should understand that Yoga has nothing to do with religion.Power Yoga Healing Powers

Healing Power of Yoga

As explained earlier, Yoga is a way of life. It can cure any disorder ranging from a simple headache to the dreaded cancer. Yoga realizes that all ailments have a physical as well as a mental aspect. Medicines can cure the physical aspects alone. Psychology can cure the mental aspects. However, Yoga is the only way of life to cure both the physical as well as mental aspects of any ailment.

How does Yoga cure?

Our body consists of various elements. These elements control the “prana” or the vital life energy. An imbalance in the constitution of the elements causes a feeling of uneasiness. This is actually, what we call as “Disease.” Anything, which is not at ease, is disease. Yoga strives to restore the balance of the elements. In this way, it revitalizes the “prana” ensuring good health to the individual.

Who can do Yoga?

In fact, everybody should do Yoga. In case you practice Yoga seriously every day, you can be free of all diseases. You can get relief from the mental and physical stress. Yoga can improve your powers of concentration in many ways. One of the best ways to do so is to follow the breathing techniques and meditation.

“Pranayama” or breathing techniques involve controlling one’s breath. By controlling one’s breath, you can increase the supply of oxygen to the blood as well as the brain. You should do Pranayama in conjunction with the physical asanas. This causes the union of the mind and body. These techniques prepare the body and the mind to do meditation. Meditation is a way to strengthen the union of the body and mind with the spirit. This is the essence of Yoga.Power Yoga Healing Powers

Health benefits of Yoga

You can list the health benefits of yoga endlessly. We shall consider some important health benefits of Yoga.

  • Anti-aging benefits: Yoga believes in the flexibility of the spine as the determinant of a person’s age. Regular yoga can improve the condition of the spine. This increases the flexibility of the spine. It relieves the tension from the body and ensures a longer and healthier life.
  • Weight loss: Specific asana can stimulate the sluggish glands to improve their hormone secretion. One such gland is the thyroid gland. This has a great effect on the body metabolism. Regular practice of these specific asanas can have a positive effect on the body metabolism and reduce weight.
  • Mental health: Yoga can play a great role in relieving mental tension. It can free the mind of disturbances. Yoga can improve concentration powers. Regular yoga can rid you of all the fears. Fear is the main hindrance to mental health. Yoga can improve mental health by eliminating fear.

The list is endless. We can go on forever.


Yoga should form an important aspect of everyone’s life. This is the secret to unlock good health. You should tap this hidden potential and realize the healing power of Yoga.