Yoga Positions or asanas has its unique benefits

Yoga is an ancient and traditional form of exercise that involves simple and complex as well as delicate and effective movements of the body. These movements, not only strengthen the different organs of the body but also maintain their proper functionality, ensuring appropriate muscle tone and redistributing the weight of the body.

The exercises involve such postures and yoga positions of the body that develop endurance and improves the flexibility of various parts of the body. There are, as a matter of fact, many yoga positions of the body known as asana, each described by a unique name.

Each asana or position has its unique function and benefit on the different parts of the body including the mind. These yoga positions were developed over a thousand years ago by the then maharishis and gurus and with the passage of time have been refined scientifically to yield more effective results with the help of extensive research studies.

These asanas or positions work in a wonderful way to maintain sound physical and mental health assuring the stability and peace of mind. These yoga positions or asanas also have a positive effect on the glands, nerves, tendons and ligaments and joints. In simple terms, asanas may be described as the comprehensive and most effective mode of self-care and apt health plan.perfect yoga positions

It is important to note that the asanas give a dramatic effect if and only if they are practiced in the correct positions by practicing the right techniques, or else they may result in nothingness and even adverse effects in certain cases.

Learning Yoga Positions and Postures

The episode of yoga is vast and includes a wide range of positions ranging from the simplest to the most complex ones, meant for the persons with varied mental and physical conditions and hailing from different age groups.

The positions are taught depending on the need as for instance, people who need the lateral twists of the spinal cord are practicing the Spiral Twist, which is one of the 12 basic and preliminary yoga positions. The best way to get started with this is to begin with some of the simplest positions and move on to the complex ones in a very slow manner.

Before starting to learn yoga, it is mandatory to discuss with the instructors any current health issues and past injuries. There are yoga position software available in the market that students may turn to for additional guidance in learning the basic asanas, but to get the optimum results, experts recommend setting up and maintaining a proper schedule for practicing yoga.


Nassau Yoga – A Treasured Experience
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