A Few Tips on How to Wash A Yoga Mat

If you are among those who are wondering how to wash a yoga mat, you will find this article very useful because some yoga mats do not specify how to wash a yoga mat.

For those brands that have no specifications, it is safe to use ordinary soap and water to clean the mat. Some of the yoga mats can even be put in the washer provided it does not instruct you to wash only by hand. One of the most important things to remember is that if you want the mat to retain its original shape, you should never squeezed.

Breaking the Mat in

One of the first things you will have to do would be to break in your mat. When wondering how to wash a yoga mat, many will find it difficult to wash the mat for first time because, firstly, it will not absorb water, and secondly, it will become sticky when you make it wet. Hence, you should be prepared for this and may choose to use the washing machine the first time you need to wash your mat. Another way to break the mat in is to put it on the floor and walk over it after having poured water on it. Then you can use a normal brush to wash the dirt off the mat.

And now that you have figured out whether you would like to wash your mat manually or otherwise, you may find the following tip on how to wash a yoga mat very handy. In order to maintain the stickiness of the mat you will need to drip dry the mat in a place where it is not directly under the sun. This will ensure that your mat will maintain its sticky quality for a long time. The moment you feel it is loosing its grip on the floor, it is time you exchange your yoga mat with a new one.

What you can do with the Old Yoga Mat?

Instead of just throwing away your old yoga mat, you may like to consider the following possibilities:

* Donate it to your yoga charity club or local fitness center.
* Donate it to the homeless shelter where people can continue to use and enjoy the comfort of the yoga mat.
* Use it as a non-slippery surface between the floor and your carpet.
* Give it to your pet dog or cat to sleep on.

Does It Matter If You Practice On A Cheap Yoga Mat
When practicing yoga make sure to allot at least 20 minutes per session in order to achieve noticeable benefits.

“However, not everyone can drive down to the yoga studio every day, and so they can join in the fun by buying a yoga DVD and practicing at home.”