Yoga is basically a way to learn how to control your mind and by doing so control it can influence the functions of your body. The control over the mind is supposed to be achieved through discipline and concentration that are groomed through practicing the asanas or postures.

How does Yoga Influence the Life of a Novice

It takes some time for yoga to really create an impact on the life, mind and body of a person and hence, the influence is not always immediately visible. What is visible though is that the person will become almost immediately relaxed and happy and many students of yoga expressed the fact that they felt relieved and very light after only a few sessions.

This is because the asanas do indeed help the body and mind gets rid of any negativity that has been accumulated from day-to-day worries, stress and tensions of your profession. Once yoga is started, the person will feel like a door has been opened to him or her where prioritization all-of-a-sudden is not a big deal anymore. Yoga is the only way whereby one can achieve both mental peace and body fitness. This is one of the most important factors which make yoga so popular today.

Students are taught, from the beginning, to identify the negative feelings and thoughts and weed them out before they create any harm to the mind and body. You can then use yoga to enhance the positive energy that already exists in your body. When the positive energy starts growing, the person will feel better, think more clearly and overall better his or her quality of life.

How Yoga can Influence Others through You

Just like you can spot a happy person almost immediately; you can feel the negative vibes of a person without really being able to put a finger on it. The negativity usually tends to pass on from the negative mind to the positive mind just like osmosis.

However, for one who is practicing this ancient art, it is possible to use the mind to chase away the negativity of the other person. This is why, people usually reported that they feel good when around a person them is practicing and learning yoga.

In this way, the benefit does not accrue only to the person who learns and practices yoga, but also to those that they encounter in their daily life.