Learn Yoga Nidra7 Steps of Yoga Nirda

Yoga Nidra is mainly called as yogic sleep and this is considered to be a powerful relaxation technique in gaining some control over the relaxation response.

After performing a yoga routine, you may now be gazing outside the window and start on planning the next stops in your day. While almost all people treat it as a workout, the truth of the matter is that it provides a deeper and better restoration to your mind and body. In making this practice more effective and better, it is better to end it with yoga nidra.

After doing certain yoga poses, the next best thing to follow is on cooling the body with it. This helps consolidate and conserve the energy from the yoga practices or poses. This best relaxes the system and prepares it for meditation and pranayama. Thus, it is essential to maintain a lot of time for it right after performing yoga postures.Getting ready to do Yoga Nidra

Getting Ready for It (Getting ready for yoga nidra)

With the so-called yoga nidra, you will be concentrating on the various parts of your body. This further activates the nerves in the areas. And thus, this helps integrate the impact of the yoga postures into the system.

Here is the effective guide to follow in learning yoga nidra in 7 simple steps:

  1. Lie down on your back and follow a pose called as the Corpse Pose. And then, close your eyes and start on relaxing. You can take a few simple breaths and take note of your relaxed and slow breaths.

If you are feeling any pain or discomfort in your lower back, then better to adjust the posture. Better yet, make use of the pillow to help you elevate your legs. This will also help you to get more comfort.Yoga Nidra Corpse Pose

  1. Start by Focusing your Attention to the right foot.

Start by focusing your attention to the right foot. Focus there for a few seconds and relax your foot. Move your attention to your right knee and the right thigh and the hip. Be more aware of the right leg and repeat the entire process for your left leg.

  1. Focus your attention to the different parts of your body.

You need to strongly focus on the different parts of your body. These mainly include of the navel region, stomach, genital area, right arm, right shoulder and chest. And then, move your attention to the left arm and left shoulder, throat, face and the top of your head.

  1. Learn Yoga Nidra Take a deep breathTake Deep Breaths.

Take a deep breathing and start observing the sensations all over your body. Be most relaxed in this state for several minutes.

  1. Be More Aware of the Surroundings and the Body

Be more aware of the surroundings and even your body. Turn your attention to the right side and lie down for several minutes.

  1. Take Your Time and Sit Up

Take your own time and then sit up. When you are already feeling comfortable, start on gradually and slowly opening your eyes.

  1. Enjoy the Experience and Let Go

This is the last step for you to follow and this just repeat the process.

Yoga is believed to be an effortless and joyous way of ending your yoga practice. With the seven simple steps to follow, you will enjoy it all the more!