Bikram Yoga is one of the most exciting, most fun and most satisfying yoga practices performed in heated rooms that offers its spectacular benefits on the body as it stretches your ligaments, your tendons and your muscles.

There are different types of yoga that are available for you. This is especially true if you want to extend your performance and knowledge on it. One of the latest and most common types of yoga these days is the Bikram Yoga.why choose bikram yogaWhat is Bikram Yoga?

This Bikram Yoga is actually founded by none other than Bikram Choudhury. This is a type of yoga that is also known as a “hot yoga”.  This is due to the main reason that yoga is often performed in heated rooms.

This lets you perform a series of twenty six poses inside the heated room. This is when the temperature is at exactly 105 degree Fahrenheit. Most of the yoga experts describe this type of yoga as one of the most modernized and most effective as compared to the traditional forms.

Why Choose Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is just the same with other types of yoga. This also effectively stretches the tendons, the muscles and the ligaments of the body in a sequential type. Thus, this benefits a lot of performers.

As per these yoga performers, they have observed that the level of stress they experience is reduced. Their blood circulation is also made better during or even after practicing it. Even chronically ill people may obtain the Bikram Yoga benefits. This is simply after relieving and reducing the symptoms of the diseases.

Apart from the benefits of bikram yoga, this is also an effective workout to people who want to lose weight at obtain a more developed type of muscles. Body detoxification is also believed to be one of its benefits.

What is the Principle of Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga works well with the use of the Tourniquet Effect principle. This yoga is claimed to be a scientific yoga that requires people to perform balancing by means of stretching and creating the pressure at any pose.

The pressure will also be created when performing a prompt pose. And thus, this cuts the blood supply on your blood vessel. The Tourniquet effect primarily occurs when your position is changed. This eventually leads to the vein and arteries rush. This flushes all of the toxins and harmful substances that are present during the blood circulation.

Yoga in Heated Rooms

One of the requirements of doing the Bikram Yoga is on practicing the best yoga poses in heated rooms. Choudhury explained that the flexibility of your body will only be increased when you are exposed to most heated places. Since Bikram Yoga poses require more of your flexible movements, doing poses in heated places is still an ideal option. This is also the reason why yoga is also called as “hot yoga”.

Bikram Yoga PosesBikram Yoga Poses

All of the poses of Bikram Yoga are often performed twice a week. Each yoga session starts by practicing
the standing postures, the twists and the bends. In every Bikram Yoga pose, you will have to perform the best breathing techniques.

For you to learn more about this yoga, you must be aware of the twenty six poses. You may find this yoga enjoying as most of the pose names are based on animals like camel, eagle, rabbit and a whole lot more. There are also spine twisting and standing poses that should be followed!