What you Need to Know about a Prana Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is the one and only accessory that yoga requires. As there are a number of postures that need to be performed while lying down without soiling oneself or ones clothes, a prana yoga mat is gaining popularity.

Some Choices when Considering a Prana Yoga Mat

1. Sticky mats These type of mats have a special substance on the bottom which once wet with water makes the mat stick to the floor. These mats are very thin, durable, washable and beautiful. Once they are wet they have some kind of glue on their sides which helps making it stick to the floor and hence exercising is a bit easier.

2. Double thick mats Some of the better sticky mats come in double thickness. These types of mats are extremely popular because they are easy to use mat and extremely comfortable. The best part of these mats is that they provide better cushioning.

3. Travel yoga mats This type of a prana yoga mat is wafer thin. It is difficult to use one because of the thinness of the mat but the travel version is kept thin because it will be needed to be packed and hence can not take up a lot of space in the bag.

4. Cotton mats This makes for the best type of prana yoga mat because cotton mats are easily washable, easily usable and extremely versatile. The new development in cotton mats is that once you put a bit of water on them, be it from the sweat and/ or water, they will stick to the floor.

There are many yoga mats to choose from, but not any prana yoga mat can be said to be perfect. In order to see which one suits you, you will need to use one or two samples to exercise on to get a feel for the mat. In this case you can see which prana yoga mat is the best fit for you. Do not go after what your neighbors tell you, because what is fitting you may be totally inadequate for him and vice-versa.

When choosing a mat, choose one that will make you happy and will be comfortable to exercise upon. With the popularity of the yoga mats, it is easy to find one over the Internet which suits your requirements and budget-and most importantly your style.

Does It Matter If You Practice On A Cheap Yoga Mat
Yoga revitalizes your mind and body bringing you harmony and well being.

“You will find the mat bag made out many materials; you can get one for as little as USD3 and it can go up to USD20 depending upon the design, material and tailoring.”