yoga for weight lossYoga for Weight Loss Poses That Will Do Your Body Good

Yoga for weight loss incorporates some of the basic breathing practices that helps rejuvenate, balance and cleanse the inner self.

You may have tried a lot of things in getting into shape such as creams, pills and massage gels. These are proven to be effective. However, you may later on realize that these all have their long-term effects on the body.

With yoga for weight loss, these can help tone and stretch the different body parts and limbs. These can also effectively stimulate the body and the metabolism that help burn calories. Here are the top 7 yoga poses to help you get a flat tummy and toned legs.

Yoga Warrior Poseyoga for weight loss warrior

This is by far believed as one of the excellent yoga poses for weight loss. This helps tone and strengthens the shoulders, back muscles, thighs and arms. Apart from it, this is also effective for people who have serious back problems. This is also proven to be beneficial in increasing stamina and balance. There is just a need to stand straight and the legs should be far apart. The hands should be brought up above the head and should be stretched further.

Yoga Warrior Pose II

This is also one of the best exercises that tones and strengthens the thighs. This is also focused on the abdominal muscles and enhances the concentration and stamina level. This also helps energize the strained limbs and this helps you eliminate the upper arm flab.

Yoga Chair Pose

Considered to be one of the excellent thigh exercises, you would not believe it but it is true that it helps tone and strengthens the muscles found on the back, chest, hips and glutes. Even the torso and the lower back are also strengthened.

Even though there may be pain in the legs, this still helps you reduce the pain and gain flexibility.

Boat Pose

This is simply a power-packed mat exercise that lets you tone your abs. Just sit down on your mat and stretch out your legs. The knees should be pulled up and the thighs should be kept tight. Even the toes should also be pointed out.

Yoga Bridge PoseYoga for weight loss

This is simply a power-packed flat tummy exercise that eliminates all those fats. This eliminates fats found from the abdomen by strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles along with the spine and the hip flexors. This also effectively tones the leg muscles and the arm. This also helps stimulate the thyroid gland and digestion.

Yoga Cobbler’s Pose

This is an easy and simple to perform yoga exercise that can help you lose weight. This can also be carried out even by newbies. This also tones the lower part of the body and stimulates the organs and muscles and stretches the inner thighs. This also helps treat asthma, anxiety, depression and infertility.

As per the instructions above, these can help you stretch the muscles around the waist, legs, hips and hands. These can be combined with a diet routine such as a 1200 calorie diet plan. Thus, the fats deposited in the body can be eliminated.

These yoga poses help you get a sound body and mind!yoga for weight loss